So near and yet so far

If you go by my last weigh-in, I’m only 2 pounds away from my Club 10 award. And a two pound loss is easy, right? Apparently not this week!

I’ve managed to mislay my motivation. I know it’s around here somewhere, because saw it only a couple of weeks ago. But I put it down somewhere when I was so sick with my tooth thing, and now I can’t find it again. 

The up-shot is that I’ve been eating all manner of bad stuff this week. Around half my meals have been Slimming World recipes, but the other half have not. And the snacks? Don’t get me started on the thousands of calories of sweets I’ve been shovelling into my gob for the last few days.

I have weigh-in tomorrow morning, and unless all my limbs fall off overnight, then the chances of me losing this week are less than nil.

And so, the temptation is to not go to class. I’m sure we all understand that feeling. It’s easier, when we know we’ve been bad, to stay away – or to weigh and go – so that we don’t have to face the indignity of justifying our gain to the group.

I’m in that position right now. My rational brain is saying to me “Get along to group in the morning, and sort your shit out!”, while the irrational bit of the brain is saying “Sod that! Lie in and bacon sandwiches for brunch!”.

As of this second, I really don’t know if the rational or irrational side is going to win. But at least I haven’t cancelled my alarm for tomorrow morning, yet…

Back on Track on Monday

I think I went over my syns during the weekend. I don’t really know, because I lost track, because there was alcohol involved.

We had friends round for dinner on Saturday, and I ended up having more drinks that I planned. After the first gin and tonic it was all downhill. But at least I was drinking bottles of Coors Light beer, which are 5 syns a bottle. It could have been much worse if the red wine was open!

We cooked the BBQ Pulled Pork in the slow cooker, and served it in 60g wholemeal rolls (from M&S) with lashings of salad and Slimming World chips. The only problem was that it all tasted too good, and I ended up having a second roll (oops, another 6 syns). And then there was dessert of strawberries, crushed up meringues, and vanilla yoghurt (syns unknown).

It was a lovely dinner, but it didn’t stop me scoffing a granola bar (5 syns) with a cup of tea just before bed.

Then Sunday came around, and I was out for lunch with friends. We ended up in an italian restaurant where I would normally order a pizza. But I figured a whole pizza (who would only eat half?) would clock up about 50 syns! So I had a grilled chicken salad instead. It had loads of olives in it, but I don’t care. They’re nowhere near as bad as the pizza would have been.

I also had a small glass of wine with lunch, which could easily have turned into two or three!

Then, over dinner at home that evening, it was a struggle to resist having another few beers. I was tired, and it’s easy to make bad decisions when you’re tired. But I somehow managed to step away from the fridge.

Now it’s Monday, and I have a new-found determination to get back on track. My mind is focused on the Wednesday weigh-in, and my target to lose 2 pounds. I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m sure going to try!