Displaying my stickers on a board

In the past when I’ve received awards at Slimming World I followed the accepted practice of putting the award stickers on my book.

However, I don’t bother taking my book to the group any more. I log all my weight losses in the Slimming World app, so I don’t bother with the book. I keep it at home in case I want to look anything up – but even then it’s often easier to look things up online.

So when I get an award, I take my sticker home and put it on a cork board that hangs in the kitchen. It’s a more visible reminder of my progress.

At the time of writing, I’m 8 weeks into going to Slimming World, and I’m rather pleased to have lost 1½ stones, and received SOTW and SOTM twice!

In fact, for a few weeks there – between my wife and I – we won SOTW three times in a row, and kept bringing home the same tin of kidney beans that we brought along to put in the SOTW basket!

Loads of Stickers

It may seem silly getting excited about getting stickers on my book. After all, they probably cost a fraction of a cent to produce. But it’s not their monetary value. It’s what they represent.

In Slimming World, every time you lose a half stone you get given a sticker and a certificate to mark the occasion. Stickers and certificates are also given out if you win any other award such as Slimmer of the Week, Slimmer of the Month, Woman/Man of the Year, Miss Slinky, Biggest Loser, and so on.

Here’s a photo of my book:

Slimming World stickers on my book

As you can see, I’ve lost 2 stone so far, and have won Slimmer of the Week three times and Slimmer of the Month once. Very proud!

Each time I get one of these awards I get strangely excited about the prospect of being able to add the sticker to my book. They’re a bit like trophies that I get to show off to the rest of the group – not that most of them care either way. But they’re also a good reminder to me when I’m sat at home during the week to stay strong and not be tempted to raid the fridge.

Whenever I think about stuffing my face with chocolate, I remember that I’m aiming for my two and a half stone sticker, and I close the  kitchen cupboard door and go and find a carrot to munch instead!

It’s amazing that something so simple as a sticker can act as motivation for me to stick to the Food Optimising plan.

In fact, I’m so proud of them, I even display them on the progress page of this website!