Displaying my stickers on a board

In the past when I’ve received awards at Slimming World I followed the accepted practice of putting the award stickers on my book.

However, I don’t bother taking my book to the group any more. I log all my weight losses in the Slimming World app, so I don’t bother with the book. I keep it at home in case I want to look anything up – but even then it’s often easier to look things up online.

So when I get an award, I take my sticker home and put it on a cork board that hangs in the kitchen. It’s a more visible reminder of my progress.

At the time of writing, I’m 8 weeks into going to Slimming World, and I’m rather pleased to have lost 1½ stones, and received SOTW and SOTM twice!

In fact, for a few weeks there – between my wife and I – we won SOTW three times in a row, and kept bringing home the same tin of kidney beans that we brought along to put in the SOTW basket!

How is Slimmer of the Week worked out?

An award is given out in each group for the Slimmer of the Week. This is given to the person (or persons) who have lost the most weight that week.

The winner is given a certificate and sticker to mark their achievement by the Slimming World consultant.

You are not eligible to be considered for Slimmer of the Week if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You joined last week. The first week’s loss is often out of proportion to a more sustained regular weight loss.
  • You gained weight last week. Weigh loss following a gain is sometimes more dramatic.
  • You didn’t attend last week. In this case your loss may have covered more than one week. The exception to this is shift workers who often miss weeks due to work commitments – in this case, the consultant may factor this in.

Everyone is asked to bring along a piece of free food each week, to be given to the Slimmer of the Week to congratulate them. Your consultant will normally have a box or basket to collect this contribution.

Slimmer of the Month

The Slimmer of the Month is awarded to the person who has lost the most weight in a given calendar month. It is awarded during the last group meeting of the month.

You don’t have to have attended every week to be eligible for Slimmer of the Month, but you do have to be present at your regular group when it is awarded. If you’re visiting another group on the last week of the month, you can’t win the award in that group.

New members will also have their first week’s loss halved in the calculation of the most weight lost.

Slimming World Acronyms and Abbreviations

I thought it might be useful to define a few Slimming World acronyms that are seen quite commonly on blogs and forums, for any new people that might not be sure what they mean.

CWCurrent Weight
EEExtra Easy – the name given to the standard Slimming World food optimisation plan
HEA / HXA / HEXAHealthy Extra A – your measured daily allowance of dairy (milk, cheese, etc.)
Healthy Extra B – your measured daily allowance of fibre (bread, cereals, crackers, etc.)
IMAGEIndividual Motivation And Group Experience – sometimes called IMAGE Therapy – the guided discussion that happens in group when the consultant goes from person to person
NSVNon Scale Victory – an improvement or benefit of weight loss that doesn’t show on the scales, like an improvement in your health, dropping a dress size, or being able to do things that weren’t possible before
PATPersonal Achievement Target – your self-set target weight. It is recorded by the consultant on your behalf, and comes up on the tablet when you weigh-in.
SOTMSlimmer of the Month – given out on the last week of the month to the person in class who lost the most weight in that month
SOTWSlimming of the Week – award given to the person in class who lost the most weight (excludes new members and those who gained in previous week)
SPSpeed Protein – a variation on the food optimisation plan where you only eat Speed and Protein foods, and no Free foods – meant to boost weight loss by removing carbs from your diet
SWSlimming World
SWStarting Weight
SYNSShort for ‘Synergy’
TWTarget Weight

I’ll add to this list as other ones occur to me. If you know of any I’ve missed, feel free to add them to the comments.

Four Awards in One Night


Slimming World Award Certificates

It was kind-of embarrassing in class tonight, because I won a total of four different awards!

With a 4 pound loss this week, I got my 2½ stone award. And on top of that I also got my Club 10 award. And I got Slimmer of the Week and Slimmer of the Month! Talk about mortifying, as my consultant kept reading out my name, particularly as I’ve only had 2 weeks since I started Slimming World where I haven’t won an award for something!

I’ve lost 15½ pounds during the month of August. which I’m really pleased with. It works out at an average loss of just over 3 lbs a week. And with a loss that good, I was pretty-much guaranteed the Slimmer of the Month award.

Club 10

Since I started I’ve also managed to lose 10% of my body weight, which qualifies me for something called the ‘Club 10’ award. I started back at the end of June on 337 lbs, and have lost a total of 37 lbs in the last 9 weeks, which is actually a little over the 10%, but who’s counting eh?

If I manage to maintain or keep losing for a further 10 weeks after achieving my Club 10 then I’ll qualify for a free week at my Slimming World group.

Moving Forward

Needless to say, I’m delighted with my progress to date, and am determined to keep going and lose a lot more weight. It’s also nice to know that my wife and family are so proud of the accomplishment.

My main motivation for doing this is for my health. Quite apart from the strain that carrying around a lot of weight puts on my knees and back, being obese also drastically increases my odds of developing some serious life-changing diseases. And having just gone through 8 months of treatment for one of those diseases, I’m very keen to try and avoid it coming back.

Onwards and upwards. Here’s to the next 2½ stones!

Slimmer of the Week Fruit Basket

Slimmer of the Week Fruit Basket

Does your Slimming World group bring fruit in for the Slimmer of the Week winner?

Our consultant puts out the fruit basket every week, but I’ve never seen anyone from my group actually put anything in it! …and I should know, because I’ve won Slimmer of the Week 4 times now, and not taken anything out of the basket!

It doesn’t help that our group is fairly small – we have maybe about 30-40 members; about 20 of which stay for meetings. And I suppose it takes a critical mass of people to remember to bring in the fruit (or other low-syn goodies) each and every week to make it work.

But it’s not like I’m being critical about it. After all, I’ve never brought along anything for the basket myself!