Two months progress

I started back at Slimming World 2 months ago, and in the last 8 weeks I’ve made great progress and managed to lose 2 stone in weight.

I wasn’t prepared to receive my 2 stone award today, as I was still 3½ away as of last week, and I didn’t think that was achievable. However I ended up losing 4 lbs in the week, which was amazing!

I wasn’t doing anything special this week – I was just following the food optimising plan as usual. And I guess it paid off!

In less good news, I’m feeling pretty ropey today, as I had a tooth surgically extracted yesterday, and it was a lot more traumatic than I had imagined it would be. I’m on a whole rake of drugs, but I still feel like I’m nursing a bad hangover – when I haven’t even had a drink!

It’s also sad that we’re losing our lovely consultant Caoimh at my Saturday morning SW group. It’s a real shame to see her go, but she’s still continuing to run her Tuesday and Wednesday groups. We don’t yet know who we’re getting to replace her on Saturdays mornings – but at least we’ve had assurances that the group will continue with somebody.

Instant gratification

In our world of instant gratification we’re not very good at waiting for things.

You can go online and select a book, a film, or some music and be consuming it within a few seconds. We can go to the shops and select from an array of goods from all over the world. And because we’re so used to being able to get things straight away, even the 48-hour shipping of online orders can seem like an eternity.

Let me be honest. I’m not very good at waiting for things. When it comes to my Slimming World journey, I’m very impatient to see my progress. I know that losing weight takes time, but I still can’t resist feeling eager for the weeks to fly by, so that I can go along to the next weigh-in and hopefully see some more progress.

I’m a bit of statistics nerd. I love numbers and charts and graphs, and so it might not come of much surprise that I’ve got a spreadsheet to track my progress. I input my weekly weigh-in, and it tells me my progress to date. And because of my impatience to see my progress I end up filling in ‘projected’ weigh-ins for dates in the future, to see where I might be in 1 month, 2 months, 6 months time.

It’s like I want to hit fast-forward on the next 12 months of my life, and come out the other end a more healthy and slimmer version of myself. I don’t mind the healthy eating and exercise in the middle. It’s not that I’m trying to avoid the hard work. I just want time to pass more quickly, so that I can achieve my goals more quickly.

I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve been all over Instagram over the last few weeks, and the app is full of people who are towards the end of their journey. There’s people who have lost 5 or even 10 stones, and their transformation has been amazing. They post comparison photos of their before and after selves, and the difference is often stunning.

What you don’t see in Instagram, however, is the 2-3 years of slog it took them to lose all their weight. I’m looking at people who are towards the end of their journey, whereas I’m very much at the start of mine, and that just fuels my impatience!

At the moment if I posted any comparison photos you’d struggle to see any difference in me from my 1½ stone loss over the last six week. I can feel the difference, but I can’t see it yet.

Hopefully, one day I’ll get to the point where I have some dramatic transformation photos to share, but for now that day can’t come fast enough!

Five stones, and then some

I wrote last week about how the idea of going for my five stones peaked my competitive spirit. Well it seems to have paid off!

I was so determined this last week, that nothing would derail me from my goal of getting to my 5 stones, and as it happened I ended up losing 4½ pounds this week, and have now lost a total of 5 stone 1½ pounds! That’s the lightest I’ve been in about 10 years!

Even on Friday night when we went to a leaving drinks party for some friends who are emigrating to Spain, I kept my determination. When everyone around me was downing pints and scoffing pizza, I nursed two gins & slimline tonic (4 syns each) over the course of the night. And that was with the rugby on!

When the misses bought me some chocolate eggs as a treat, I didn’t eat them. When there was cake at work, I didn’t have any. When everyone was having Chinese takeaway for lunch on Friday, I was happy with my salad.

I didn’t feel I was depriving myself of anything. I was making conscious decisions to avoid things that would derail the progress towards my goal. And I’m so delighted at having achieved it!

Onwards and upwards towards the 5 and a half!

It’s amazing what a bit of healthy competition does

At class this week it was pointed out to me that both me and the misses are just 3 pounds away from our next ‘stone’ awards! In my case, I’m 3 pounds away from my 5 stone loss, and for the misses, it’s her 3 stones.

Having lost 3½ pounds this last week, it seemed to me to be a ‘big ask’ to lose another 3 pounds the following week, so I dismissed the idea at the time. But we talked about it when we got home, and agreed that we’d give it a go, and see if we could both lose 3 this week.

Now my dear lady wife is generally the more competitive one between the two of us, but the idea of working towards a target has really solidified my determination for this week. Of course, it also means that I’m going to obsess about my progress for the whole week, and will probably be jumping on the scales every day to track progress.

The weigh-in is next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Back on plan

It’s the 10th of January, and the Christmas and New Year break is already a dim and distant memory.

Gone are the long lie-ins. Gone are the days spent languishing on the sofa. And gone are the hourly trips to the fridge to graze on all the worst food possible!

We’re back at work, and we’re back on plan!

Over the break we enjoyed a very nice Christmas, a two-night trip over to Galway (party capital of western Ireland), and an amazing wedding. Indeed, we indulged so much that when it came to New Year’s Eve, we opted to stay at home and give our livers a rest.

But it took till our first Slimming World class of 2017 to encourage us back on plan. However before that we needed to find out what damage we had done over the last 2 weeks.

The class was somewhat busier than normal last week, so it was easy to hide amongst the crowd. I had literally not set foot on a set of scales for 2 weeks, and so I had no clue what my weight would be. And so it was with some trepidation that I stepped gingerly onto the scales.

I was pretty such I had gained weight. But by how much?

Well, I actually LOST weight – 1½ pounds in fact!

All that wine and chocolate, and sausages, and everything else I had enjoyed over the holidays hadn’t done the damage I feared. I guess the fact that I stayed on plan up until Christmas Day itself may have helped me mitigate my excesses.

The only down side was that, because there were loads of new members joining the Slimming World class, our consultant didn’t have any time to do the usual Image Therapy, and as such nobody in class heard about my amazing achievement!

Oh well. I’ll just have to keep losing again this week!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, back in December I had set myself an interim target to try and achieve a 4 stone loss by Christmas. And you know what, I only went and did it! In the space of 6 months I lost 4 stones, which I think is amazing. Now If I can just lose another 4 stones over the next year!