Slimming World for men

I felt that my Slimming World consultant was in a very spiritual mood this morning as she come over to me, laid her hand on my shoulder, and uttered the words:

Blessed art thou amongst women

She wasn’t – of course – likening me to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Rather she was making the point that, out of 30 people in the room, I was the only man there!

And she had a point. Weight loss groups like Slimming World are dominated by women. It’s just the way they are. I guess there aren’t that many men that are comfortable with the group/class format. There are just as many overweight men as there are women out there, but I’m guessing that most of the guys prefer to try and lose weight on their own.

Of all the Slimming World groups I’ve ever attended, the maximum number of men that have attended a class was three (including me). And so, for some men that can feel a bit intimidating or uncomfortable, having to walk into a room full of women.

Indeed if it wasn’t for the fact that I started Slimming World along with my wife (at her encouragement, I should add) then I’m not sure I would have been too keen to go along.

We’re all just people

These days I don’t think too much of the sex of the people in the room. After all it doesn’t really matter if someone is male, female, or a non-binary gender. We are all just people who share the same motivation for being there – and that’s to lose weight.

So I’d say to any concerned men out there to stop worrying that a group is going to be women-oriented, because it’s not. Nobody’s going to point and stare at you if you’re a man. Indeed you’ll probably be welcomed with open arms!

Variations for men

There’s no real difference in the food optimising plan for men and women. Everyone is encouraged to eat the same things, and to fill up on lots of healthy fruit and veg. The only difference is that some men can get more syns.

There is a distinct advantage, however, when it comes to the bi-annual group awards. For the men, the Mr Sleek and Man of the Year awards, there’s a lot less competition to win that in the women’s awards!

Two Stone Loss, Taster Night, and Man of the Year

Two stones and Man of the Year

Yesterday was a pretty epic night for me in my Slimming World class.

Two Stone Loss

I was delighted to achieve my two stone loss. This comes just 7 weeks after starting at Slimming World, which is pretty rapid progress! In fact, it’s an average loss of 4 pounds per week!

I am really pleased to be doing so well, and to know that it’s ‘working’. However, I realise that I’m not going to be able to keep up such a blistering pace as I go forward from here. If I can lose an average of 2 pounds per week for the next stone I think I’ll be doing well.

Taster Night

Taster Nights are those when everyone in class is invited to bring in food – sweet or savoury items – that they have cooked, and (like the name suggests) we all get to taste them. People can also share their recipes with the rest of class, and get some inspiration for things to try at home.

I decided to join in and cooked some Bombay Bhajis and Raita following a recipe from the SW website. I couldn’t find any Bombay Spice Mix in the supermarket, and so I used the Garam Masala spice mix instead, which gives a milder flavour. You could add extra curry powder and spices if you prefer more of a kick!

Anyway, they seemed to go down well with the class, and loads of people were asking about the recipe.

Man of the Year

The reason we were having a Taster Night at class was because we were also voting for the Man of the Year and Woman of the Year awards. These aren’t the national competitions that get reported in the press, which tend to feature people that have lost 10 stones – these are to pick the people within the class that have inspired you.

The nominations took place last week, and from within the three men that attend the class (stiff competition, eh?), two of us were nominated. The nominees were then invited to tell the class a little about why they come, and what they get from Slimming World, and then the class vote for the winner.

And I won!

I got a certificate, a rather fetching red tie with “Man of the Year” written on it, a sticker for my book, and a lovely gift that was hand-made by my consultant.

I was also very humbled and grateful for all the people who voted for me. I’ve not been coming to the class for very long, and so I was pretty surprised to even be eligible to be nominated.