Instant gratification

In our world of instant gratification we’re not very good at waiting for things.

You can go online and select a book, a film, or some music and be consuming it within a few seconds. We can go to the shops and select from an array of goods from all over the world. And because we’re so used to being able to get things straight away, even the 48-hour shipping of online orders can seem like an eternity.

Let me be honest. I’m not very good at waiting for things. When it comes to my Slimming World journey, I’m very impatient to see my progress. I know that losing weight takes time, but I still can’t resist feeling eager for the weeks to fly by, so that I can go along to the next weigh-in and hopefully see some more progress.

I’m a bit of statistics nerd. I love numbers and charts and graphs, and so it might not come of much surprise that I’ve got a spreadsheet to track my progress. I input my weekly weigh-in, and it tells me my progress to date. And because of my impatience to see my progress I end up filling in ‘projected’ weigh-ins for dates in the future, to see where I might be in 1 month, 2 months, 6 months time.

It’s like I want to hit fast-forward on the next 12 months of my life, and come out the other end a more healthy and slimmer version of myself. I don’t mind the healthy eating and exercise in the middle. It’s not that I’m trying to avoid the hard work. I just want time to pass more quickly, so that I can achieve my goals more quickly.

I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve been all over Instagram over the last few weeks, and the app is full of people who are towards the end of their journey. There’s people who have lost 5 or even 10 stones, and their transformation has been amazing. They post comparison photos of their before and after selves, and the difference is often stunning.

What you don’t see in Instagram, however, is the 2-3 years of slog it took them to lose all their weight. I’m looking at people who are towards the end of their journey, whereas I’m very much at the start of mine, and that just fuels my impatience!

At the moment if I posted any comparison photos you’d struggle to see any difference in me from my 1½ stone loss over the last six week. I can feel the difference, but I can’t see it yet.

Hopefully, one day I’ll get to the point where I have some dramatic transformation photos to share, but for now that day can’t come fast enough!

Mixing it up

I’ve had the same meal for lunch and dinner for the last two days, and I’m getting a bit sick of it!

I like a chicken salad as much as the next person – actually probably more than the next person. And a large chicken and some salad things from the supermarket certainly goes a long way, and is good value for money. But it can also get a bit boring after a while.

It’s the trap that a lot of people fall into when doing Slimming World – having the same meals again and again. We find a set of recipes that work for us, and then we cook them again and again on an endless loop. And before you know it, you’re bored of everything, and desperate to have something different, which can lead to some off-plan moments!

Our weekly cooking schedule usually contains some or all of the following: a chicken in the slow cooker, a joint of ham in the slow cooker, a stir-fry, a batch-cooked curry or chilli, baked fish and chips, or a spaghetti bolognese. And although I enjoy all of these, I sometimes hanker after something a bit different.

Looking for inspiration

One thing we tried to do a while back, but has since fallen by the wayside, is to introduce a new recipe each week. The Slimming World magazines seem to be a good source of inspiration for new recipes, as do the books you can buy in class. Or a quick search of the internet will often come up with something interesting.

If you follow other SW members on Instagram or Snapchat you can often find inspiration for alternate meal suggestions – as there are loads of people that photograph their meals and share them online.

A bit of planning

I’m also an advocate of planning the week’s meals. I know that if I just left it to the day to decide what I’d like for dinner, I’d not have the right ingredients and I’d end up eating the same things all the time. But by pre-planning (having checked the recipes to follow) we can then buy the correct groceries in our weekly shop, and have everything in ready to go. And it removes the dilemma of working out what to cook each day.

Food Blogging on Instagram

Until very recently, I had no idea how big food blogging on Instagram was. There are thousands of people out there using the social network to post photos of the food they eat, as well as other motivational images.

Do a simple search for something like #slimmingworld or #slimmingworldjourney or #swmafia and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of photos from fellow Slimming World members. Many of them post images several times a day, and often have thousands of followers.

It’s an amazing way to get food and recipe ideas, and also be inspired with the progress of others.

Slimming World Instagram

I started posting on Instagram myself a few days ago (@itoffme), but my effort seems really poor in comparison to all the other SW bloggers.