Losing my mojo

I can’t seem to get in the zone at the moment. And I’m definitely going way over my syn limits pretty much every day.

I know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t help myself.

My only mitigation, and the one thing that stops me going crazy, is to keep going to my Slimming World class. I might be maintaining or gaining, but I know if I didn’t go to class I’d be way worse!

So by keeping going to class I can hopefully keep in a holding pattern, until I find my mojo again.

Slow and steady progress

For the last two weeks I’ve lost half a pound each week. Normally I would be really disheartened by such a small loss, but in actual fact, I’m delighted!

A couple of months ago I got myself stuck in an up-down-up-down cycle with my weight. My losses were big – between 3 and 5 pounds – but the week after any loss, I had an equally big gain. So when you average it out, over six weeks, I only lost 2 pounds in total.

So why am I so pleased with a half a pound loss? Well, it means that for the last two weeks I’ve managed to break the up-down cycle. It can’t have been good for me with my weight yo-yoing up and down like that. And so I’m delighted that I’m now back in a continuous loss pattern, even if each loss is small.

All I need to do now is turn each half-pound loss into a 2-pound loss for the next four weeks, and I’ll still be on target to get my 4 stone award by Christmas!

The wheels have fallen off the wagon

I’m not feeling very good about my recent weight-loss, or lack thereof.

The figures don’t lie. For the first two months when I joined Slimming World I was going great guns. In just nine weeks I had lost 2½ stones, averaging a loss of about 4 pounds a week. It was falling off me, and I was winning Slimmer of the Week or Month almost every week. It seemed easy. Follow the plan, eat plenty of speed, and enjoy my syns – and the weight loss will follow.

However, we then went on holiday at the start of September and it all fell apart. We enjoyed our break, and ate and drank well, and it made a dent – albeit not a large one – in my progress. But ever since, I’ve done terribly. My weight has yo-yoed up and down from week to week for the last 2 months; so much so that during September and October I’ve only lost a total of 2 pounds!

I went from losing an average of 4 pounds a week to only 2 pounds in two months. That’s not good.

It can only be attributed to one thing. I’ve been going off-plan far too many times in the last while. I guess I’d grown a bit complacent, and told myself I could cheat on the odd day and get away with it. But I’ve not been getting away with it. Every time I’ve raided the cupboards at home, or thrown caution to the wind when ordering a meal out, it’s come back to bite me in the ass.

To be honest, I feel pretty disgusted with myself, and I feel a total fraud for accepting the Mr Sleek award in group during the week. I really don’t deserve it. Not based on my recent lack of progress.

I’ve lost my way, and I need to find my way back. Because I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to give up and go back to how I used to me. My life is already immeasurably better for losing 3 stone, and I know it could be even better for losing another 3 stone or more. I just need to renew my determination.

I need to question every decision. Every time someone places a menu in front of me, every time I go food shopping, every time I pass a convenience store, and every time I open the fridge door. I need to remind myself, every time, why I’m doing this. And each and every time I need to make a better decision. I need to ignore the voices that tell me I can cheat “just this once”, because inevitably there ends up being far too many “just this once” times.

My amazing wife, who is on this Slimming World journey with me, has suggested to me that I need to go back to basics. She has suggested that I re-read my food optimising book, and start keeping a food diary. And when she said it, I must admit at the time I pretty much dismissed the ideas. But upon reflection, I’m starting to think she’s right. Maybe I do need to start again from scratch, and follow the plan to the letter.

One pound a month

I went to my Slimming World class last night for the first time in 4 weeks.

We missed two meetings because we were on holiday, and then I missed last Wednesday because I was in A&E!

And so, over the course of almost a month, what did I lose? One pound! Just one tiny little pound. Or 453 grams for those who prefer metric.

Over the previous 4 weeks I had lost a stone, so I guess I was a little disappointed to weigh-in at just a pound down from the end of August. But then again, it’s been a fairly unusual few weeks.

We went totally off-plan while on holiday – eating and drinking pretty much whatever we wanted, and enjoying as many cocktails as our wallets could stand. And then, I spend two days in hospital last week, eating nothing but bread and water (I exaggerate, but I’m looking for sympathy here!).

Over that time I’ve probably put on weight, lost, put some more back on, and lost again. My diet has been very inconsistent, and my levels of exercise have been curtailed from what they normally would be. So it’s no wonder that I haven’t lost more. Indeed, some would say it’s amazing that I haven’t put on weight!

One thing it has done – it’s made me more determined to stick to my food optimising, and to aim for a decent loss for next week. I’d like to lose 4 lbs, as that would take me to my 3 stone award. Let’s see how I do…

Back from holiday

We’re just back from a week’s holiday in the Greek island of Rhodes. We had an amazing time. The skies were blue, the sea was warm, and the buffet table was groaning with food!

You know how it is. You’ve stuck to the Slimming World plan religiously for the last couple of months, and when you go on holiday, you feel like you’ve earned a bit of a blow-out. And boy, did we blow-out!

We went away with good intentions. We said that we’d stick to fruit at breakfast, and pick healthy options for lunch and dinner. But when it came down to it, all out good intentions went by the wayside, and we spent the entire week eating all the worst kinds of food.

I blame the hotel, for laying on such a sumptuous banquet on the buffet table each day. At breakfast, for example, you could have fruit, cereals, cheese and ham, pastries, breads, a cooked breakfast, crepes with nutella, and cookies. And unfortunately on most days I usually ended up having a bit of everything!

In the evening it was also far too tempting to have a few drinks. Some nights it was a few beers, on other nights it was a bottle of wine, and other nights it was cocktails!

And so, inevitably, with all this eating and drinking – all of it totally off-plan – it meant that I gained a shed-load of weight. Surprise, surprise! I put on a total of 8 pounds. That’s over half a stone in just a week!


I now have just a few short days until my first official post-holiday weigh-in. I’m straight back on plan, and stuffing myself with as much speed food as possible. And I’m also out walking the dog for an hour a day, and using my bicycle to run errands around town. I just hope I can undo some of the damage before I face going to class again.