Non Scale Victories

When you attend a Slimming World class you are weighed every week, and your progress is entirely defined by the amount of weight you’ve lost.

However, the process of losing weight is not all about the number of pounds and stones you’ve shed. Sometimes it’s about things that don’t show on the scales.

It’s about how you now feel about yourself, how your health has improved, how you can do things that previously used to be a struggle, the inches that have gone from your waist, the dress size you’ve dropped and the clothes that you can now fit into.

These are called Non Scale Victories (or NSV for short). They are the achievements and progress you can see but that don’t necessarily show up on the scales. 

Everyone’s Non Scale Victories are different. They might be things like:

  • You can now fit comfortably and confidently into that amazing dress you bought for a special occasion
  • A friend that hasn’t seen you for a while notices and compliments you on your weight loss
  • Your health improves so that you can play with your kids
  • Your muffin top no longer spills out over the top of your jeans
  • All that body magic has helped you run your first 5 km without stopping
  • You have extra energy, improved confidence, and generally feel better

All these victories need to be celebrated, and your consultant will be delighted for you to share your Non Scale Victories with the rest of the class!

The slimmer’s new clothes

One of the effects of losing some weight is that I now have to buy new (smaller) clothes.

Some of the shirts that used to only just fit me (we are talking straining buttons here) are now too big on me. And trousers that used to fit snugly are now falling down.

I’ve lost inches from all over, which is wonderful. And the best thing is that I am now beginning to fit into clothes sold in normal clothes shops – albeit the largest sizes they stock – instead of having to buy clothes from specialist ‘big man’ retailers.

Indeed, I was delighted last week to be able to go into T K Maxx with the misses and actually find a couple of things that I both liked and that fitted me well. It was a revelation to me, as in the past I’ve just concentrated on finding things that go around me, rather than worrying about how they looked!

I’ve also been suit shopping this week for an upcoming wedding. My original plan had been to wear the suit I got married in 3 years ago, but when I tried it on I found it was too big. So I’ve bought a new one that’s 6 inches smaller in the jacket, and 4 inches smaller in the trousers.

Should I throw away my fat clothes?

They keep saying in class that a 10 pound weight loss for women equates to a drop in one dress size. I’m not quite sure how that equates to men’s clothing, but in recent months I have dropped a jeans size!

Before I joined Slimming World I was positively bursting out of my clothes! All my trousers felt tight, and the shirt buttons over my belly were under severe strain. On some occasions, I’m surprised they didn’t ping off across the room and take someone’s eye out!

I was fooling myself that I still took the same size of clothes that I used to, but every day the number of items in my wardrobe that actually went around me were dwindling.

Thankfully, since losing a bit of weight, I’ve managed to bring a whole load of shirts and trousers back into regular use that were previously too small for me. I’m now wearing all those clothes – well some of them anyway – that I had kept hold of “just in case” I ever lost weight. And I’m also facing the prospect of having to buy some new smaller clothes in the near future!

But this is the thing… We all keep hold of smaller clothes, waiting for the day when we might – just might – fit into them again. But when losing weight, and inevitably some items become too big for us, should we keep them too?

I guess what I’m saying is, should I keep my fat clothes, in case I get fat again?

I don’t want to think that I’m going to fail with my weight loss and put it all back on again, but then again history has proven that I have done exactly that time and time again. I’ve lost weight on several occasions over the last 10 years, and have always regained the weight. So who is to say this time will be any different?

Sure, I feel positive and determined now, but who is to say what might happen in six months or a year’s time? And if I do throw away my fat clothes now, will I live to regret it if I end up putting on weight in the future? Should I keep my bigger clothes, just like I did with my smaller clothes, “just in case” I might need them again?

I really don’t know. I’m torn – a bit like the seat of some of my trousers!