Couple of the Year

Couple of the year

We were awarded Couple of the Year at our Slimming World class this week.

In fairness, there wasn’t much competition. We’re the only couple that come to class together, so there wasn’t even a vote. We got the award by default. But I’m not complaining – it’s another sticker for my book!

I really do think that it helps that we’re both doing Slimming World together. It means that:

  • We encourage each other. We celebrate each other’s victories, and are there to commiserate and support each other when we fall off the wagon.
  • We don’t lead each other astray. It’s hard to keep your will power when your partner comes home with a high-syn takeaway or a load of crisps and chocolate!
  • We don’t have high-syn food in the house. We don’t need to cater for one person who’s on-plan and another that wants loads of treats in the cupboards.
  • We share the cooking. When you’re food optimising the time it takes to prepare meals can increase. By sharing the cooking it means that the time spent chopping up all those vegetables doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s a real shame that more men don’t join their wives and girlfriend to join Slimming World. After all, there are plenty of overweight guys out there that could do with shifting a few pounds.

I know that slimming clubs can be a bit intimidating for men, and it’s true that women do dominate in terms of attendance. But I would say to any guys out there, don’t let that put you off!

We also had a taster night this week, where people brought along lots of different syn-free and low-syn treats for everyone to try.

I made some Chickpea Patties that seemed to go down very well. I like my Indian food quite spicy, so I increased the spices from what’s in the recipe – tasting it along the way until I got them right!