The day after the night before

The company Christmas party was last night, and by the look on people’s faces you can tell they had a big night!

It’s 10.00am and half the staff haven’t made it into the office yet. And those that are hear look like they would rather be anywhere else! Pretty much everyone is looking hungover, and in between sharing war stories of how much they drank and what nightclub they ended up in, there’s only one thing on people’s minds…

Breakfast rolls!

Bacon, sausage, and egg – maybe with a bit of black pudding and some tomato ketchup – all in a white bread roll. It’s the perfect hangover cure!

Personally, I wasn’t at the party last night, and I’m not hungover. But the smell of the breakfast rolls in the office is driving me crazy. I know that if I had been drinking I’d have had at least one of these by now – and even though I’m not hungover, the smell is driving me crazy and I’m seriously considering getting one!

These Christmas nights out cause serious damage to my weight loss, even when I don’t go!

The good biscuits for visitors

There seems to be a very peculiar thing in Irish culture that says you always need to have some “good” biscuits in your home, just in case you get visitors.

It seems to be the ultimate social faux-pas to greet a visitor (be they friend, family or mortal enemy) without something sweet and fancy (biscuits, cake, or similar) to offer up with a cup of tea, even if said visitor turns up at the door completely unannounced.

I’m not sure what would happen if anyone ever turned up at an Irish house and there were no biscuits to offer, because I don’t think this occurrence has ever happened. 

The impact for literally tens of thousands of Slimming World members in Ireland is that they are obliged to have “good” biscuits in their homes at all times.

And it would take the strength of Samson himself to resist those biscuits for longer than a day or two.

Even now I can hear the chocolate hobnobs calling to me from the kitchen press. And there’s no such thing as having just one. Biscuits are a trigger food for me, and once I open the packet, at least half of them would be gone – and that’s a lot of Syns!

And afterwards, of course, I’d have to buy some more – you know – in case we get visitors.

Syns in a bottle of gin

I had someone searching on my blog the other day for the number of syns in a bottle of gin.

I don’t know whether to be appalled or impressed at the idea of drinking a whole bottle of spirits! I just hope they’re not attempting it in one sitting!

A standard bottle of spirits in Ireland is 700ml, and a standard pub measure is ¼ Gill or 35.5ml in metric.

The syn values listed on the Slimming World website for gin vary depending on it’s alcoholic strength:

  • 37.5% gin is 3.5 syns per 35ml
  • 43% gin is 4 syns per 35ml

A standard bottle of a typical gin like Bombay Sapphire is 40% alcohol volume, but for the calculation I’ll use the higher value of 4 syns per 35ml measure.

There are 20 measures of 35ml in a 700ml bottle, and so the total for the whole bottle is 80 syns.

Happy (and responsible) drinking!

Liquid Cake

In my group they call wine “Liquid Cake” because – like cake – it’s really high in calories and a small portion is never enough!

A standard 750ml bottle of a typical brand of red wine that you’d find in a supermarket in Ireland is Casillero Del Diablo. It’s 13.5% alcohol.

If you drink the whole bottle you’re looking at around 35 syns!

There are other wines with a lower percentage of alcohol in them – and as such, lower syns – but who spends their time in the supermarket looking up alcohol content?