Can I really eat all those carbs?

People that have followed diet plans in the past are sometimes shocked that the Slimming World Extra Easy plan allows you to eat all the pasta, rice and potatoes that you want.

They’re used to having to deny themselves from eating carbohydrates in order to try and lose weight, and can’t believe that a big bowl of pasta or chips is allowed!

So can I eat as much as I want?

Well, the advice seems to be “Yes, you can… within reason”. You can eat as much dried pasta, rice (white or brown), and potatoes to satisfy your hunger as part of a meal (remembering to have 1/3 speed, of course) and you’ll still be able to lose weight under the Extra Easy plan. But if you eat these carbs to excess then your weight loss will be at risk!

So I guess the message is eat these carbs in moderation. Enjoy the pasta or potatoes on your plate – just make sure they’re not the only thing on your plate!

See my Slimming World Chips recipe for perfect syn-free chips!

Alternative to Fry Light

We all hear a lot about using Fry Light for shallow frying or roasting food on Slimming World. It’s only 1 calorie per spray, so it’s effectively a free food.

In my experience, however, the Fry Light seems to damage the non-stick surface of my pans over time, so I prefer not to use it. And so as an alternative, I use the sunflower Tesco Oil Spray. It’s 2 calories per spray – so it’s half a syn for 5 sprays, or 1 syn for 10 sprays.

The range of Tesco oil sprays

I find the Tesco spray is much kinder on my pans, and just as effective for cooking, and I’m happy to use 1 syn on this.

McCambridge Bread Syns

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There’s been a fair amount of discussion in my group over the last two weeks about the syn values of McCambridge Soda Bread.

A lot of the members seem to love this bread, and a couple of them were asking if it could be used as a Healthy Extra B. It seems like quite a healthy bread – it’s wholewheat and the slices are tiny – so surely it must be good for you.

There also seemed to be some confusion and discrepancy amongst people as to the syn values for each slice, so I decided to follow up and check for myself.

Syns Online screenshot – August 2018

The answer is that one slice of the John McCambridge Brown Soda Bread is 4½ syns, and a slice of the gluten-free version of the bread is 5½ syns. But interestingly the gluten-free slice can also be as a Healthy Extra B.

I’m sure there’ll be a few happy people in my group that’ll be happy to hear about this!

Soda bread alternative from Lidl

If you can’t find the McCambridge’s gluten-free bread, then an alternative is the Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread from Lidl. One slice of that is your Healthy Extra B or 5 syns.

Syns in Beer

I enjoy a nice pint or two every now and again, and as such I’ve compiled a list of syn values for different ales, beers and lagers:

Beer by strength

Under 3.5%1 pint8
3.5 to 4%1 pint 9.5
4 to 6%1 pint 11.5
6% and over1 pint 18.5

Beer by brand

Amstel330ml bottle4
Boddingtons440ml can6.5
Budweiser330ml bottle7.5
Budweiser Light330ml bottle6
Bulmers CiderPint 12.5
Carling500ml can8.5
Carling C2330ml bottle4
Carling Zest330ml bottle5
Carlsberg440ml can7
Carlsberg Export440ml can9
Carlsberg Special Brew440ml can16.5
Cobra King375ml bottle11.5
Coors Light330ml bottle5.5
Corona Extra330ml bottle7
Corona Light330ml bottle4
Deuchars IPA500ml can8.5
Fosters500ml can 7.5
Greene King IPAPint 11
Grolsch440ml can9.5
Heineken330ml bottle7
Hens Tooth 500ml bottle14.5
Hufi (Gluten Free)500ml can7
Kobbarberg Light Cider500ml can8.5
Kronenbourg 1664Pint10
Lech 500ml can10.5
Magners CiderPint12.5
Old Speckled Hen500ml bottle11.5
Pear CiderPint14
Peroni330ml bottle6
Ruddles County500ml bottle11.5
San Miguel330ml bottle8
Sol330ml bottle7.5
Stella Artois440ml can9
Stones Bitter440ml can7.5
Tiger330ml bottle5.5

Recommended drink

At the moment I’m drinking the Hüfi gluten free beer, which is only 140 calories (or 7 syns) for a 500ml can, which seems like a good syn-to-beer ratio! It tastes a lot better than a lot of the ‘lite’ beers that are low-syn.

Hufi Gluten Free Beer – 7 syns per can