Domain Hack

A domain hack is an internet domain name that suggests a word, phrase or name when concatenating two of more adjacent levels of that domain.

Normally when people register a domain name for a site their first choice is to look at .com domains or perhaps ones from their country such as .ie for Ireland.

If I had done that, I’d have ended up with a web address of or

However it can be really hard to find a good domain that’s still available, as most of the good and short names have already been registered. And so I looked at domain hacking.

The country of Montenegro controls the top-level domain of .me but allows people from all over the world to register .me domains for their web sites. 

As such I ended up registering the domain – or more specifically, I registered the name and then added the sub-domain ‘get’ to the front myself. 

So I now have a nice short domain name for my site, and in theory I could develop all kinds of other weight-loss related sites just by adding other sub-domain on the front, such as (if I ever take up running).