Muller Lights are no longer free

Slimming World have announced changes to the Free and Syn value foods, and Muller Light yogurts are now 1 Syn each!

The changes that were announced on the Slimming World website mean that some foods that were previously Free now have a Syn value:

  • Muller Light (175g pot) is now 1 Syn
  • Danone Activia 0% Fat (125g pot) is now 1/2 Syn
  • Instant Mash Potato (100g made up) is now 3 1/2 Syns
  • Canned Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce (100g) is now 1/2 Syn

The new Syn values will be updated on the online tools over the next week, and will be in the new version of the Food Optimising book in 2019.

Impact of these changes

There are a lot of people that rely on the fat free yogurts – both as a snack on it’s own, and as an ingredient to such Slimming World favourites as overnight oats and oat pancakes.

The Instant Mash Potato is also a used a fair bit at a ‘tweak’ food, as a coating in place of breadcrumbs, a thickener for soups and sauces, or a flour substitute in recipes. So the new syn value could affect all of these uses.

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