Moving to a new group

I’m going to have to move to a new Slimming World group. On Wednesdays, my usual weigh-in day, I’ve now got a new commitment and I don’t have time to get to the group.

It’s going to be a real shame, because I was just getting to know some of the other members, and they’re great people! It’s amazing how sharing your weight-loss journey with people brings you closer together – and it really has felt like a little community.

So I need to find a group on another day of the week, and I think the best option for me going forward is one that’s on a Saturday morning.

The upside is that this week, as I transition from one group to another, I have a 10-day week, so hopefully that’s given me some extra time to shed those pounds!

The moving process

The process of moving to a new group is seamless. Just tell the person doing check-in that you’re transferring across, and they’ll update the records on their computer.

I feel that it’s a nice courtesy as well to let your old consultant know that you’ve changed group, just so that they know not to worry about your sudden absence.

You might also want to update your weigh-in date and time.

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