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There’s been a fair amount of discussion in my group over the last two weeks about the syn values of McCambridge Soda Bread.

A lot of the members seem to love this bread, and a couple of them were asking if it could be used as a Healthy Extra B. It seems like quite a healthy bread – it’s wholewheat and the slices are tiny – so surely it must be good for you.

There also seemed to be some confusion and discrepancy amongst people as to the syn values for each slice, so I decided to follow up and check for myself.

Syns Online screenshot – August 2018

The answer is that one slice of the John McCambridge Brown Soda Bread is 4½ syns, and a slice of the gluten-free version of the bread is 5½ syns. But interestingly the gluten-free slice can also be as a Healthy Extra B.

I’m sure there’ll be a few happy people in my group that’ll be happy to hear about this!

Soda bread alternative from Lidl

If you can’t find the McCambridge’s gluten-free bread, then an alternative is the Connell Bakery Wholemeal Soda Bread from Lidl. One slice of that is your Healthy Extra B or 5 syns.

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