Lazy assumptions

I got an email last night to the email address associated with this blog.

It was from a casting agent, looking for couples to sign up for an “Extreme Makeover Show” for cable TV in the US.

The details of the email seem to suggest that the show will involve people getting plastic surgery, and that the makeover would somehow solve any relationship issues between the couple involved.

First off, I have a real problem with the notion that the way people look has any bearing on the success or otherwise of a relationship. People may be initially attracted to each other because of their appearance, but relationship problems between a couple are rarely down to how someone looks – they’re mostly to do with how they treat each other – and that can’t be fixed with a face lift!

Secondly, I dislike the idea that the casting agent has targeted me with their email solely because I run a weight-loss blog. I haven’t ever talked that much about body image, and I’ve never talked about the relationship with my wife – so I can only surmise that they assume I want cosmetic surgery because I’m overweight.

It’s a lazy assumption to make, and a pretty insulting one. They’re apparently starting with the premise that being fat is ugly, and therefore overweight people will jump at the chance to get surgery.

I know that some people do seek surgical help to help with weight loss, in the form of gastric bands and bypasses, and that can be very helpful in some cases. There are others that get tummy tucks and face lifts to get rid of excess baggy skin after losing a lot of weight.

But it’s a lazy assumption to presume that all overweight people want to go under the knife.

2 thoughts on “Lazy assumptions

  1. Lucy September 13, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    That is presumptuous of them, that because you’re looking to lose weight , your relationship must be in trouble and you must want surgery!!! Ridiculous.

    Anyway, hoping you are well, your blog was one of my inspirations to rejoin slimming world just over a month ago and I’ve lost 7lbs so far and it’s going well 🙂 I’m finding it really easy

    • Richard September 13, 2017 / 2:17 pm

      Hi Lucy. Thanks for getting in contact. Great to hear you’re doing so well at Slimming World! 7 pounds is amazing. Well done! Richard

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