Five stones, and then some

I wrote last week about how the idea of going for my five stones peaked my competitive spirit. Well it seems to have paid off!

I was so determined this last week, that nothing would derail me from my goal of getting to my 5 stones, and as it happened I ended up losing 4½ pounds this week, and have now lost a total of 5 stone 1½ pounds! That’s the lightest I’ve been in about 10 years!

Even on Friday night when we went to a leaving drinks party for some friends who are emigrating to Spain, I kept my determination. When everyone around me was downing pints and scoffing pizza, I nursed two gins & slimline tonic (4 syns each) over the course of the night. And that was with the rugby on!

When the misses bought me some chocolate eggs as a treat, I didn’t eat them. When there was cake at work, I didn’t have any. When everyone was having Chinese takeaway for lunch on Friday, I was happy with my salad.

I didn’t feel I was depriving myself of anything. I was making conscious decisions to avoid things that would derail the progress towards my goal. And I’m so delighted at having achieved it!

Onwards and upwards towards the 5 and a half!

2 thoughts on “Five stones, and then some

  1. Richard March 16, 2017 / 10:12 am

    Congratulations also last night to Denise in our group who was awarded Greatest Loser, having lost over 6 stones. She’s an inspiration to everyone in the group and a mine of useful recipes and information!

  2. Tony Bloomfield March 16, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    Well done Richard. Looking forward to seeing the new slimmer frame on Saturday

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