Slow and steady progress

For the last two weeks I’ve lost half a pound each week. Normally I would be really disheartened by such a small loss, but in actual fact, I’m delighted!

A couple of months ago I got myself stuck in an up-down-up-down cycle with my weight. My losses were big – between 3 and 5 pounds – but the week after any loss, I had an equally big gain. So when you average it out, over six weeks, I only lost 2 pounds in total.

So why am I so pleased with a half a pound loss? Well, it means that for the last two weeks I’ve managed to break the up-down cycle. It can’t have been good for me with my weight yo-yoing up and down like that. And so I’m delighted that I’m now back in a continuous loss pattern, even if each loss is small.

All I need to do now is turn each half-pound loss into a 2-pound loss for the next four weeks, and I’ll still be on target to get my 4 stone award by Christmas!

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