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MonthStarting WeightLossCurrent WeightProgress
Jul 201624st 1lb1st 7.5lbs22st 7.5lbsLost over a stone and a half in my first month, and won SOTW and SOTM
Aug 201622st 7.5lbs1st 1.5lbs21st 6lbsAnother stone lost, and 3 SOTW awards, plus Club 10 and Man of the Year
Sep 201622st 6lbs1lb21st 5lbsHoliday stalled progress
Oct 201621st 5lbs6lbs20st 13lbsMore steady progress, but total of 3 stone lost
Nov 201620st 13lbs9.5lbs20st 3.5lbsVoted Mr Sleek by my class, and get my 3.5 stone award
Dec 201620st 3.5lbs5.5lbs19st 12lbsWanted to get my 4 stones before Christmas and achieved it
Jan 201719st 12lbs6.5lbs19st 5.5lbs4.5 stone award, and first SOTW for a long time
Feb 201719st 5.5lbs1lb19st 4.5lbsNot making much progress
Mar 201719st 4.5lbs- 0.5lbs19st 5lbsI get my 5 stone award and promptly put on weight
Apr 201719st 5lbs2.5lbs19st 2.5lbsA small amount of progress
May 201719st 2.5lbs- 1.5lbs19st 4lbsI stop coming mid month and am away for 6 weeks
Jun 201719st 4lbs- 1st 2.5lbs20st 6.5lbsSix weeks away from class have taken their toll, and I've put on over a stone! Having previously achieved my 5 stone award in March, I'm only 3.5 stone down from my starting weight!
Jul 201720st 6.5lbs4lbs20st 2.5lbsSlimmer of the Month

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